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Legoland Incursions School 600X315


We have some pretty awesome workshops for students of all primary ages! See below for more information!

Workshops we have on offer:

  • Wobbly Robotics: investigate the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces when building a walking robot; and utilise concepts of coding when making your model come to life – Will use Ipads (Aimed at Grade 5-6 & 45-50 minute workshops)
  • Rover Robotics: construct a robotic rover to examine how forces and materials are utilised in design concepts, and develop your coding skills – Will use Ipads (Aimed at Grade 3-4 & 45-50 minute workshops)
  • Spinning tops: perform experiments by developing theories, conducting experiments and collecting data (Aimed at Grade 5-6 & 45-50 minute workshops)
  • Seasons: students build a story using one of the 4 seasons (Aimed at Kinder-Prep 30-35 minute workshops)
  • Creative storytelling: kick-start creativity and boost storytelling collaboration and listening skills for your students (Aimed at Grade 2-6 45-50 minute workshops)