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LEGO® Fun at Home!

5 Fun LEGO® Lockdown Activities for Kids

Keep the kids entertained with these cool LEGO ideas!

Picking Up Bricks

Play the LEGO® Chopsticks Game!

The kids will love the LEGO Chopsticks game! It's very simple, you only need a few things! 2 Bowls, 2 Pairs of Chopsticks and the LEGO in your home!

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Kieran Workshop

LIVE LEGO® Workshops with Kieran!

Our Master Model Builder Kieran will be teaching kids on how to build a Valentine's Heart, LIVE on Facebook this coming Tuesday at 4PM! (AEST)

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LEGO 5 Day Challenge

5 Day LEGO® Challenge

Do the 5 Day LEGO Challenge with us! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

#LEGOLANDDiscoveryCentreMelb to share with us!

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Patterns LEGO

Learning Patterns with LEGO®

LEGO is a great tool to teach students about pattern making and problem solving to finish or continue an existing pattern!

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LEGO Phone Speaker

Make a LEGO® Phone Speaker!

Design and make your own LEGO Phone Speaker! Then start a dance party at home with the rest of the family!

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