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Top 10 NOT approved LEGO Ideas sets

  • Saturday 25th July 2020

Top 10 Not Approved Lego Ideas Banner

We know it's frustrating when the LEGO Ideas set you were rooting for didn't get approved! We compiled a list of what we think is the Top 10 LEGO Ideas sets that was not approved! The list is in no particular order! 

10. Rolls-Royce UltraFan® - The Ultimate Jet Engine

By DanCodd

Just by the title alone, you knew this build would have been EPIC! This is something that we have not seen before in LEGO®, it is very smart use of both LEGO and Technic elements to portray a Rolls-Royce plane engine, a UltraFan® to be exact. However with 20,000 pieces, we feel like it will take us ages to build!


Credit: DanCodd

9. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

By Bruceywan

Who remembers the O.G. Might Morphin Power Rangers? You know, the one where the Red Ranger isn’t actually the leader? This would have been our chance to FINALLYY get some Power Rangers minifigures! We were so pumped to actually see this getting approved as it brings back so many memories! We love the details and the colours the set uses, very retro vibes! We love the idea of having a floating Zordon minifig head AND having an Alpha minifigure too, wow! Ay-yi-yi, we can’t believe this set didn’t get approved!


Credit: Bruceywan

8. UCS Space Shuttle Atlantis

By Snelson42

Is it really a LEGO Ideas list without a space set? This set would have been the first true to minifigure scale space shuttle. The creator says that the primary inspiration for his project was “to close that gap in LEGO's space themed sets and improve upon sets like 10231 Shuttle Expedition and 7470-1 Space Shuttle Discovery”. The set would have featured a wide array of features including; opening payload-bay doors, Retractable landing gear, OMS (orbital maneuvering system) thrusters in the nose and aft section, Robotic CANADARM to manipulate cargo, Robust rotating display stand, Adjustable elevons and rudder and Detailed cockpit.


Credit: Snelson42

7. RMS Titanic

By Ssorg

This designer came in with a mission! And that was to get his fan set made into a real LEGO set – he even made 2 versions of it in the submission, however how ambitious this set was, it did not get approved. We love the attention to detail and how grand both models were, they really did the Titanic justice. Oh how we wish to have had this set to proudly display in our dining and living areas!


Credit: Ssorg

6. Planet Express Delivery Ship

By Nicola Stocchi

Futurama fans were left disappointed when the Planet Express Delivery Ship was not picked! This very detailed and intricate set really pays homage to the much loved Futurama cartoon series by Matt Groening. We loved how the designer incorporated the launch stand into the base and made the ship realistic but also still very “cartoonish” in style which is not an easy feat with LEGO! Oh well, maybe if we freeze this Idea, we may see it being made in the year 3,000? What we would of loved to see was the Planet Express crew made into Minifigures!


Credit: Nicola Stocchi

5. Stitch

By Legohaulic

This is an interesting entrant on our list, as the Stitch set has been rejected not only once, but twice! Just last year during the LEGO Ideas fans choice, celebrating LEGO Ideas 10th anniversary, the Stitch fan build got a second chance to become an actual set. However it seems like this set was not meant to be, even though it was a fan favourite, it lost out to the more popular International Space Station! What we love about this set, is how stitch can so a variety of emotions and poses, giving you many flashbacks to the original film released in 2002 (that’s 18 years ago!)


Credit: Legohaulic

4. Thunderbirds Are Go

By AndrewClark2

Based on the 2015 Thunderbirds animated series, this ideas set was one of the hot favourites to get approved! The set was well designed (who doesn’t love a green jet!) and integrated all the smaller elements well. We love how the Thunderbird 2 has fold down landing gears and a detachable pod! For the scale, micro figures. We think that this set would have been a hit for both adults and children!


Credit: AndrewClark2

3. The Adventure Time Project

By Jazlecraz

At the peak of Adventure Time’s popularity, we were all blessed with this fan build, The Adventure Time Project encapsulates the unique Land of Ooo into a very compact LEGO set perfect for our homes. The very cute and very cartoony build of Finn and Jake’s Tree house is simple yet very detailed, filled with different elements you see in the much loved cartoon. We were low key mad when this set didn’t get approved, mainly because we wanted the Minifigures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog! But all is forgiven as LEGO® answered our calls and cries and gave us them in the LEGO Dimensions line!


Credit: Jazlecraz

2. History Museum

By Bricky_Brick

This very beautifully designed History Museum has 3 floors and is compatible with existing modular buildings. Inside the building “you will find the tomb of Anubis, the Discobolus of Myron, the Sunflowers of Van Gogh, The Fabergé Egg and many other works and artifacts without forgetting the pendant chandelier” says the designer. One of our favourites, we love the very detailed exterior of the model from the balcony to the rooftop, we even love the beautiful tilework inside the building!


Credit: Bricky_Brick

1. Modular Arcade

By Avilabrick

This is one of the builds that you never knew you needed, but is a must have! It has 4 storeys of brick goodness, there’s even a pizzeria level, shall we say more? It seems like this set was built by a gamer for gamers, it’s their utopia reimagined into LEGO bricks! The set has a variety of details and fits in the same aesthetic as the other modular buildings in the LEGO Creator Expert line. The designer said he got inspiration for the set about the same time he came of his LEGO dark ages and is his best model yet. We say, it’s not game over yet!


Credit: Avilabrick



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