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Underwater Quest

Dive into a underwater LEGO® world!
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Dive In!

Ready to dive deep into the depths? We’re recruiting junior divers for a Underwater Quest at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre!

Check out our Jaw-some activities you can do!

  • Take a photo with Shark Suit Guy
  • Build your own LEGO Sea creature and discover the deep
  • Interact with sea creatures at our interactive build table
  • Look for the under water display at Miniland Melbourne and find all the sharks!


LDC Underwater Quest 2

Discover the depths!

Go on an Underwater LEGO® Quest to discover mysterious sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean with our interactive digital build table and stop motion stations!

Come face-to-face with a curious, treasure-hunting LEGO octopus as the water bubbles around you on the coral reef. Pose with Shark Suit Guy for unforgettable photo opportunities. Discover the depths of your imagination in the magical world beneath the waves!

UQ Stop Motion


Experience our brand new underwater themed stop motion stations, where you can create awesome short movies like… a ferocious octopus circling a reef full of fish! Oh my! What cool films will you make?

Shark Suit Guy


Say Hi! to Shark Suit Guy!

“Yikes! Was that a fin?!” Shark Suit Guy watched a scary shark movie once, and he’s been afraid of them ever since. For a long time, he didn’t dare go into the water at the beach, and he even avoided swimming pools and bathtubs just in case. He was worried that he might run into sharks everywhere he went — sharks on the left, sharks on the right, mutant sharks, laser sharks, cyborg sharks, sharks on land, sea and air. But then he started to learn more about sharks and how important they are for the ocean’s ecology, and he found out that they’re not so scary after all. In fact, they’re pretty cool! To celebrate his newfound appreciation for his finny friends, he’s decided to dress up like a shark himself. Now the Shark Suit Guy may still get a little jumpy whenever he passes a mirror, but at least he knows that if he runs into a real shark, it’ll think he’s a pal!

Shark Suit Guy loves making new fin-tastic friends! Make sure to come over and say Hi and take a selfie with him!

SLMA Ocean Invaders

Melbourne's Must SEA Fun Pass

Looking for more fun? We have the ultimate pass for our awesome Junior Divers! Upgrade your ticket and add-on SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium! Discover and see real life sharks or meet adorable King and Gentoo penguins! 

*T&C's apply


Save up to 20%

  • Price includes a Digi Photo pass giving you Unlimited Digital Photos!
  • Limited Capacity

Save over 30%

  • Combine LEGOLAND Discovery Centre with SEA LIFE Melbourne
  • Get closer to our colony of penguins, sharks, jellyfish and more at Melbourne's only aquarium
  • Valid for admission within 90 days *must include a child ticket

Unique Gift

  • Combine LEGOLAND Discovery Centre with SEA LIFE Melbourne
  • Save over $30 per adult
  • Flexible entry - arrive any time in the next 3 years

Unlimited Entry

  • 12 months of family fun at 10 top attractions in Australia and New Zealand
  • Receive a great range of exclusive benefits and deals