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Merlin's Apprentice Ride

Become one of Merlin's apprentice and learn how to fly!
LDC Merlins Apprentice 2

The faster you peddle, the higher you fly!

Pedal the enchanted cart in Merlin's magical potions chamber to become his next wizarding apprentice.

Go faster and faster to conjure the sorcerer's spell and soar into the sky. Only the most powerful charms will reach the stars.

  • Children must be a minimum of 90cms tall to ride.
  • Children between 90cms and 120cms must ride with an adult.
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn to ride on Merlin's Apprentice.
  • For safety, guests must be in good health without injuries that could be aggravated by the attraction. Expectant mothers, and guests with broken/injured bones, casts, moon boots or any other supportive braces cannot ride.