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Make your own LEGO Fathers Day gift!

  • Thursday 19th August 2021

Fathersday Playingwithdog

Using your Minifigures and LEGO at home, make an awesome personal gift to give to Dad!


Step 1: Find a small base plate

Step 2: Check your Minifigure collection and see if you can make a Minifigure version of your Dad and yourself

Step 3: Think about your favourite thing to do with Dad and build with LEGO

Step 4: Create a background using standard bricks and window and door elements

Step 5: Add other accessories like trees, tables or chairs

Step 6: Give to your Dad on Fathers' Day!

Fathersday Playingwithtoys

Fathersday Playingwithdog

Fathersday Baking