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LEGO® Ninjago: Master Wu's Mission

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As the forces of darkness loom over LEGO® NINJAGO®, Master Wu urgently needs new recruits to make sure good continues to triumph over evil! Are you ready to complete Master Wu's Mission?

Join Wu’s Ninja Team and tackle challenges with your friends Lloyd Kai, Nya, Jay, Cole and Zane!

Complete your missions and prepare to release your INNER NINJA in Wu's final challenge, learning the art of SPINJITZU!

Be Ninja and protect the LEGO® NINJAGO® legacy!

LDC Ninjago Movie 4D

LEGO Ninjago 4D: Master of the 4th Dimension

Become part of the 4D action as Master Wu prepares the Ninjas to take on the teachings of the mysterious 'Scroll of the 4th Dimension' but with disastrous consequences! 

*4D Cinema features 3D visuals, strobe lights, rain effects, wind effects and snow effects!

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