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Kindergarten & Day care Groups

The LEGO® learning concept for day care children makes the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre an extracurricular learning venue that will inspire children.


  • Exciting addition to the classroom or day-care routine
  • Discounted group price from and more 10 children
  • For every 10 children 1 accompanying adult is free of charge


  • Experience and learn more on your school trip
  • Two exciting workshops to choose from (specially designed for school classes and day care groups)
  • Reduced group rate for groups of 10 or more children
  • For every 10 children, 1 accompanying adult enters free of charge

What we offer

We have the following offers for daycare groups:

  • storage boxes for backpacks and jackets
  • wheelchair accessible equipment

Educators can, of course, visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin free of charge in advance to prepare the trip the best way possible.


Would you like to know more? You can reach us on the free phone number (0800-5891 766). You can easily book online at the top of this page.

Would you like to learn more? Send us an e-mail:

Prices for the visit with the nursery or kindergarten:


Day care/Kindergarten groups

6,00€ per Child

Accompanying teacher or adult

1 teacher free for every 10 children

Additional accompanying adults

6,00€ per Person

LEGO Workshop 45 Minutes

1€ per child, in addition to admission

LEGO Workshop 45 Minutes
"Spinning Top"

1€ per child, in addition to admission

Where playing and learning is really fun

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is the ideal place to try out your senses and train your observation skills and fine motor skills.

For example, what does it feel like to reach into a giant LEGO® brick box? What does it sound like when a tower made of LEGO bricks, which is bigger than you are, topples over? Which shapes and colours can a LEGO brick have? 


Workshops for Kindergarteners

A workshop visit with pre-school children is always worthwhile. The educational content is specifically adapted to the developmental stage of this age.

The following applies to the workshop:

Only with online booking and only Monday to Friday, outside holidays.

7€ per child

LEGO® DUPLO® Workshop "Animal Bingo"

Max. Participants: 25 | Age: 3 - 4 years | Duration: 45 minutes

For Kindergarteners

This new version of the classic children's game "Bingo" takes your little ones into the realm of colourful LEGO® DUPLO® animals. With eight double-sided, colourful bingo cards, children have the opportunity to build a total of 16 different animals. Educationally valuable, because the aim is to choose the right building element in their own colour. The first one to fill their Bingo card is the winner. With the LEGO DUPLO Animal Bingo from the LEGO Education series, various skills are promoted, such as: recognising shapes and colours, comparing and counting the elements as well as communicating together and adhering to the rules.

Image (5)
7€ per child

LEGO® DUPLO® Workshop "Spinning Top"

Max. Participants: 25 | Age: 4 - 6 years | Duration: 45 minutes

For Kindergarteners & pre-school

How does a spinning top work and why does it rotate? In this educational workshop children will build their own spinning top and the tools to make it spin. They will have first contact with basic physical principles and can discover them through playful engagement.

Teamwork, dexterity and, of course, fun required!


"Animal Bingo" Workshop

Take a look at what a Kita workshop looks like!