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LEGO® Shop

Do you want to experience the magic of LEGO® at home? Our LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Shop has all the newest LEGO products and special offers.

Can you rebuild the models from the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin? Or would you rather create imaginative new ideas?

We hope you have fun with your new LEGO building block sets!

Our LEGO® Shop is open Mon - Sun 10am to 7pm
Lego Star Wars

LEGO® Star Wars™

Learn to control the force within you and get creative with our LEGO® Star Wars™ collections!
Discover the galaxy with Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and more to defeat the the evil.

Our Star Wars sets offer many amazing LEGO adventures!

May the force be with you!

Our sets include:

  • LEGO Star Wars space ships
  • mini figurines
  • places and characters directly from the movies



LEGO® NINJAGO® lets children travel to fantastical adventures where they can follow their favorite heroes and fights against evil powers. Discover great Ninja secrets with Wu, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole.

Recreate stunning moments from the movies and shows or create your own to discover innumerable treasures in the World of Ninjago! 


LEGO Shop Friends Sets

LEGO® Friends

Visit the LEGO® Friends and their cute pets at Heartlake City! 

Adorable mini figurines, animals, boats, cars, beaches and many more - there is no end to your imagination! Create scenes from real life and endless worlds to discover.

Off to Heartlake City!



Even for our smallest guests there is a wide variety of LEGO® DUPLO® sets to explore!
With a ratio of 2:1 our LEGO DUPLO bricks are the perfect start into many LEGO adventures to come.

With the bigger but handy DUPLO bricks in bright colours toddlers aged 18 months and up can learn creatively and explore unforgettable moments.

Colour the world brighter!

LEGO Shop City Sets

LEGO® City

Travel to the big cities with our LEGO® City sets! 
Find police stations, fire watches, camping grounds and build your own LEGO City.

There are endless possibilities to create your own world.

Become a real citizen at LEGO® City!

LEGO Shop Technic Sets

LEGO® Technic

With LEGO® Technic even the most advanced LEGO enthusiasts get challenged. Technology just like in real life - suitable for all ages!

With LEGO Technic you can build anything from functioning gears, tires and axles. This develops understanding and awareness for the smaller details that count when building cars, airplanes, bikes and more.

Mechanical gears, engines, angular wheels - there's something for every engineer!

LEGO Shop HP Sets

LEGO® Harry Potter™

You want to go on magical adventures with Harry, Hermione, Ron and all the other characters from Hogwarts™? With our Harry Potter Sets from LEGO® there is no end to your imagination.

Children ages 6 and up can re-create their favorite scenes from the Harry Potter™ movies or imagine their own adventures. 

Make magic come true!