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Big cities go small

Witness how the Ruhr area and well-known buildings from the area are brought to miniature life in the spectacular MINILAND®. Built from almost 1.5 million LEGO bricks, with moving trains - even the smallest viewer feels like a giant! Watch as night falls in MINILAND, the lights go on and the LEGO residents enjoy the beautiful LEGO night. How many buildings do you recognize?

Discover the landmarks of the Ruhr area and the surrounding area, built from LEGO® bricks, such as

  • the Oberhausen gasometer
  • the Düsseldorf Rhine Tower
  • the Zeche Zollverein
  • or the largest football stadium in Germany, SIGNAL IDUNA PARK (Borussia Dortmund's home stadium).

More Information

The MINILAND can be controlled interactively by the children with many buttons. With the different buttons you can for example:

  • Start the treadmill at Düsseldorf Airport
  • Operate the clock of the Düsseldorf TV tower
  • Get the Ferris wheel going
  • Let the freefall tower crash
  • Start trains
  • In Signal Iduna Park, you can even play a soccer match against each other. Whoever scores a goal first wins.

Dream job: Model builder

Our models are built and maintained by our master model builder Anja. Some examples:

  • Gasometer Oberhausen: 35,126 LEGO bricks / 195 working hours
  • Zeche Zollverein: 77,278 LEGO bricks / 550 working hours
  • Signal Iduna Park (BVB Stadium): 125,000 LEGO bricks / 460 working hours
  • Düsseldorf Airport: 47,200 LEGO bricks / 300 working hours

The models are built on a 1:45 scale. There are no instructions for this. The construction plans are created on the computer with a special LEGO program. Here the models are not only displayed graphically, but the required amount of stones is also calculated. Original construction plans / floor plans provided to us by the responsible partner served as a template for our latest models (DUS Airport and Düsseldorfer Fernsehturm).