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About us

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is the ultimate LEGO® indoor playground, containing millions of LEGO® bricks, and is found in 26 locations around the world. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong is the only LEGO® themed indoor playground in Hong Kong. It features 10 unique themed zones, including two thrilling and interactive rides, as well as an incredible 4D immersive experience; it offers limited-time activities during different festivals. It provides interactive experiences for children aged 3-11 in the colourful LEGO® themed area. Additionally, it regularly organises "NO KIDS NIGHT" events designed specifically for adults, allowing LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy the joy of building and creating.

DUPLO® FARM at Legoland Discovery Center Hong Kong, where little builders can let their imaginations run wild

What's inside

We feature a range of 10 exciting LEGO® themed play areas including LEGO® Café and a gift shop.


Lego Discovery Centre Hong Kong

Limited Events

Discover BRICKTASTIC activities you can't be missed!


Adult/Child $250

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For just HK$250, you get

  • All Day Admission Ticket  x 1
  • Bottled Drink x 1
  • VIP Digi Photo pass x 1

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