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At LEGO® Creative Workshop, a kid is building LEGO® models, guided by a Master Model Builder.

LEGO® Creative Workshop

Each LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre has its own Master Model Builder, responsible for all the brilliant buildings, exciting animals and strapping heroes that you’ll discover throughout the Centre. The Master Builder buids great LEGO® models!

For many, building LEGO® models is like embarking on an adventure where every colourful brick is a step towards unleashing creativity. It’s not just about fitting pieces together; it’s about diving into a world of imagination, where castles soar as high as the sky and vehicles can do the impossible.

Here in the LEGO® Creative Workshop, you’ll have your chance to learn from the Master with hands-on tuition from the best in the business and learn how to build your own incredible LEGO® models.

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All height

Aged 4 - 17

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