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LEGO® Café

Come and take a break in a middle of LEGO® fun.
LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong, LEGO® Cafe
Snacks and Beverages

What's Inside?

Wind down from your LEGO® discovery in the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Café with a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. Choose snacks or a meal for the whole family from our great selection of hot and cold food. And if they still have energy left, don't worry, there’s plenty of LEGO in the café area to keep even the most ardent LEGO builder happy while you relax with a drink.

Opening hours:

Mondays - Fridays: 11:00am - 6:00pm (Last order: 5:45pm)

Weekends and Public Holidays: 10:00am - 6:00pm (Last order: 5:45pm)


Product 產品 Cereals Containing Gluten  穀物類含麩質 Crustacea And Crustacean Products 甲殼類和甲殼類產品 Eggs and egg products  雞蛋和蛋製品 Fish and fish products 魚和魚類製品 Milk and milk products (including lactose) 奶及奶類製品(包括乳糖) Tree nuts and nut products 堅果類別產品 Peanuts, soyabeans and their products 花生、大豆及其製品 Sulphite in a concentration of 10 parts per million or more 亞硫酸鹽濃度為百萬分之十 或更高
Blueberry Muffin 藍莓鬆餅 WHEAT 小麥          
Chocolate Muffin 朱古力鬆餅 WHEAT 小麥      
Mini Pain au Chocolat 迷你朱古力面包卷 WHEAT 小麥      
Mini Croissant 迷你羊角麵包 WHEAT 小麥        
Ham and Cheese Lattice   火腿芝士酥 WHEAT 小麥          
Crispy Chicken Bites 脆香雞塊 WHEAT 小麥        
Coffee 咖啡 類產品          
Mac & Cheese 芝士通心粉 WHEAT 小麥            
Spaghetti Bolognese 肉醬意粉 WHEAT 小麥            
Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken 雞肉奶醬意大利寬麵 WHEAT 小麥            
Cashew Carbonara with Vegan Bacon 純素卡邦尼意粉 WHEAT 小麥              
Four Mushroom Risotto 雜菌意大利燴飯                
Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice 椰香咖哩雞飯            
Original Combination Pizza 原始風味薄餅 WHEAT 小麥        
Spicy Combination Pizza 香辣風味薄餅 WHEAT 小麥        
Bulgogi Pizza 韓式烤肉薄餅  WHEAT 小麥    
6-Formaggi Pizza 6重芝士薄餅 WHEAT 小麥          
Swiss Chicken Wings 瑞士汁雞翅            
Roasted Chicken Wings  香烤雞翅 WHEAT 小麥              
Crispy Shrimp Toasts 酥脆蝦多士   WHEAT 小麥          
Fish Shapped Bun With Red Bean Paste 紅豆鯛魚燒餅 WHEAT 小麥    
Mini Cinnamon Swirl 迷你玉桂卷 WHEAT 小麥      
Mini Raisins Swirl 迷你提子乾丹麥酥 WHEAT 小麥