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Discover Bricktastic activities at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong in 2023!

Past Exciting Events

樂高® 新年拼新意

Bricktacular Lunar New Year Celebration

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong is about to bring a “Bricktastic Lunar New Year” to the city. Guests immerse themselves in Chinese-style celebrations and unleash their creativity by building New Year-themed Minibuilds with specially curated festive bricks.

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LDCHK Christmas Campaign V2 IG

Christmas Bricktacular

Join the Christmas Treasure Hunt and Find Santa Claus This Christmas at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong. Unleash your creativity and enjoy Christmas BRICKTACULAR!

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LDCHK Halloween Campaign B Facebook

Brick-or-Treat: Monster Party

LEGO® Monsters are taking over this Halloween season at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong. Get into the Halloween spirit and have an unforgettable celebration with all your favourite LEGO® friends, including the latest 4D experience ‘The Great Monster Chase!’.

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LDCHK NINJAGO Socialb Fbpost

LEGO® NINJAGO® Training Camp

Through a series of fun challenges, the new recruits will be taken on a journey to prove their Ninja skills and make it into Master Wu’s elite team of Ninja. All Ninjas who complete all five challenges will receive a certificate.

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LEGO®90th Anniversary Celebration

LEGO® 90th Anniversary Celebration

This year, LEGO® is celebrating its 90th Anniversary with the theme “Make the world a playground”. To join the fun, our Master Model Builder has collected various iconic LEGO® products to display at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong from now until 31 August 2022, including the first version of LEGO® Bricks from the 1950s, the first LEGO® Train Rail from the 1960s, the best-selling LEGO® Family set in the 1970s and more. Guests will be able to explore the history and fun facts of LEGO® from the exhibits.

LDCHK No Kids Night For Facebook


All adult fans of LEGO® are welcome to join the event and go on an adventure to explore LEGO® NINJAGO® on a chill Friday. Master Wu, the wise and ancient master of the ninjas, is recruiting a new crew to join his Ninja team. All guests will be given a NINJAGO® headband upon entry, turn themselves into Ninjas and take on a journey to master the three key Ninja virtues - courage, generosity and curiosity.

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