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  • Great for children aged 6 - 12
It is time for kids to dream big in LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong and join the all-new LEGO® DREAMZzz™ 4D Experience by stepping into your wildest dream world along with new exciting activities here.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong elevates the launch of the 4D Experience with new activities where families complete missions and create their own LEGO dream creatures. Once all missions are complete, guests are rewarded with limited edition LEGO® DREAMZzz™ ID* keep sakes. Guests can also enjoy special photo ops and hunt for new additions to MINILAND as part of the experience.

*Available while stock lasts.

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LEGO® DREAMZzz™ New and Exclusive 4D Experience Z-Blob Rescue Rush

Brand New Limited 4D Experience

The NEW & EXCLUSIVE 4D Movie ‘Z-Blob Rescue Rush’ -  dive into this thrilling journey to enter a 4D world of your wildest dreams! A bunch of ordinary school children transform into five brave heroes – will they be able to use the power of their imaginations to rescue Z-blob from the clutches of the Nightmare King? You’ll have the adventure of a night-time!


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A creative genius and Izzie’s older brother, Mateo (a.k.a Teo) is a talented artist who loves designing his own superhero comic books. Although he sometimes lacks confidence in his ownabilities, he has a big heart and is always prepared to help his friends.

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A natural comedian and Mateo’s little sister, Izzie is an energetic joker who’s confident, curious and adventurous. Her intuition and kindness makes her a great friend to other dreamers, but her tendency to act before thinking sometimes puts them in danger.

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Cooper (more commonly known as Coop) lives across the street from Mateo and Izzie and is Logan’s best friend. Level-headed and logical, he’s savvy with tech and thrives on solving puzzles.

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A star athlete and avid gamer, Logan is a competitive thrill seeker who’s very confident in his own abilities and is best friends with Cooper! Logan may not be as creative as the other dream chasers, but his bravery and quick thinking make him an important member of the team.

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The new girl at Francine Wooley Middle School and Mrs. Castillo’s neighbor, Zoey is brave, daring and confident in her own abilities. She’s a talented musician who enjoys marching to the beat of her own drum but sometimes struggles to be a good team player because she likes to do things solo.

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Mr.Oswald (more often referred to as Mr.Oz) is the kids’ high school science teacher and the only dream chaser in the New York branch of the Night Bureau. King-hearted but a little disorganized, his mind is brimming with knowledge of both worlds.



Z-Blob is Mateo’s lovable, goo-based, shape-shifting artistic creation who’s been brought to life. He has the rare ability to exist in both worlds, making him an awesome companion.



A plushie bunny who’s based on Izzie’s favourite anime series, Bunchu is transformed from a fluffy bunny rabbit toy into a furious beast in the dream world.