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Unleash the Vibrant Power of Creativity at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong Embark on a Colourful Journey at the Play Unstoppable Festival

  • Wednesday 24th April 2024
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong
  • NEWS

LDCHK Play Unstoppable Festival (1)

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong proudly presents the highly anticipated "Play Unstoppable Festival," in collaboration with LEGO®, featuring a series of exclusive activities and building challenges. From 24th April to 1st July, join us on an extraordinary journey of boundless creativity, where children can unleash their imagination, explore their limitless potential, and embark on endless adventures. By successfully completing three designated building challenges, participants will receive a limited-edition gift*. Come and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of LEGO® at the Play Unstoppable Festival!
*Limited quantity, while supplies last.

LEGO® Group will be hosting an array of Play Unstoppable Workshops at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong on specific dates, featuring engaging activities in diverse themes over four consecutive weekends in May. From painting, floral arrangements, designs, to photography. Children are encouraged to use LEGO® bricks and creativity to discover new ways of playing, unleashing their creative universe and immersing themselves in the vibrant world of LEGO® (Limited quotas, first come first served)! Register online now to personally experience the rich and colorful world of LEGO® through a range of exclusive themed activities.

Checkpoint 1 - MINILAND® Hunt

Enter the captivating world of MINILAND®, a bustling LEGO® zone filled with iconic landmarks and vibrant scenes. Delve into this meticulously crafted miniature city and uncover five hidden empowering messages from five unique minifigures, completing the initial challenges.

LDCHK Play Unstoppable Festival (9)

Checkpoint 2 - Festival Animals

Imagination takes flight as families engage in the Festival Animals self-build activity, using LEGO® bricks to unleash your creativity and bring your very own spirit animals to life. From majestic lions to soaring eagles, the possibilities are limitless as you showcase these symbolic creatures. Share your extraordinary creations on social media using the designated hashtag and connect with fellow builders worldwide, taking on the subsequent challenges.

Checkpoint 3 - Friends 4D Experience

Immerse in the exclusive 4D adventure of the NEW LEGO® Friends characters. The 4D film brings the LEGO® Friends' world to life with captivating special effects. After the movie, unleash your creativity at the Friends-themed building table, immersing yourself in a vibrant universe alongside the characters.

LDCHK Play Unstoppable Festival (6)

Checkpoint 4 - Flower Power Cart

Experience the beauty of nature and let your creativity bloom at the Flower Power Cart. With LEGO® bricks in hand, craft and display stunning LEGO® flowers. Draw inspiration from the diverse flower builds showcased at the cart, featuring vibrant colors and intricate designs. Capture picture-perfect moments with these stunning creations and share them on social media to conquer the final challenges.

LDCHK Play Unstoppable Festival (4)

Checkpoint 5 - Creative Workshop

Step into a world of boundless possibilities at the Creative Workshop. Learn innovative techniques to build personalized name alphabets using LEGO® bricks. Led by our Master Model Builder, you'll discover new ways to bring your creations to life. With expert guidance and inspiration, unleash your creative potential and push the boundaries of your building skills.

Checkpoint 6 “Play Unstoppable” Workshops

1/5 (Wed)

LEGO® Little Artist

Participants have the chance to create unique LEGO® clay paintings during the workshop. Instructors will begin to teach with clay molding, and children can creatively decorate their LEGO® Friends dream stage with vibrant LEGO® bricks.

4/5 (Sat)

LEGO® Little Florist

Participants have the chance to build their favorite flowers from LEGO® Botanical Collection, and then artistically mix-and-match LEGO® flowers with fresh flowers into a bouquet, under the guidance of our floral instructors. Children can then write heartfelt message cards for their beloved mothers as celebration.

11/5 (Sat)

LEGO® Little Fashion Designer

Participants can take the chance to learn about fashion styling and curate their one-of-a-kind LEGO® accessories. Fashion instructors will offer styling advice, and teach children professional model postures to take personalised photos along with the accessories made on their own.

18/5 (Sat)

LEGO® Little Director

Participants are given the chance to learn about exciting animations. Under the guidance of instructors, children can creatively shoot their unique stop-motion animations, experiencing the fun of animation production.

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