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4D Cinema Watching | LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Viewers of all ages will have a blast in our LEGO 4D cinema.

Can you touch the stars in our LEGO® 4D cinema?

Visit our LEGO® 4D Cinema to see our 3D films transformed into a fantastic awe-inspiring adventure. Once you put on the special glasses you will be on the edge of your seat as an incredible action adventure unfolds in 3D before your very eyes. Become part of the scene, as flurries of wind, rain, lightning and even snow burst into the auditorium! As part of the action you will ride along with our cinematic heroes in the LEGO® Cinema.


The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure

Join lovable, unlikely hero Emmet and The LEGO® Movie™ gang on an epic new adventure. Can Emmet stop the new villain, scheming trickster Risky Business, and his evil secret plot to save the day?

Maximum one person per seat
4 Movies rotate throughout the day