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Merlin Entertainments' LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong Night Agents Wanted - Brave Adventurers Invited to Take Part in the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Trials

  • Monday 8th July 2024
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong
  • NEWS

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From today until 8 September, the LEGO® Discovery Centre Hong Kong, a brand under Merlin Entertainments Group, is launching the "LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Dream World" themed event, inviting everyone to become "Night Agents" and venture into the ever-changing dream world, unleashing your imagination to harness the power of dreams in new ways, and learning the secrets of becoming a hero. Participants who successfully complete the designated missions will receive a limited-edition gift (The prizes are available while stocks last).

Within the profound maze of the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, a mysterious power is quietly brewing... The evil witch, Never Witch, is secretly stealing everyone's precious memories, with the goal of building a dream kingdom under her control. Brave little dreamers, join the team of Night Agents through 4D Experiences, MINILAND® Treasure Hunt, and Meet a Night Agent, etc. In a world without fear of imagination, use your LEGO® bricks to demonstrate your extraordinary creativity and courage to prevent Never Witch from taking away your important memories!


Activity 1: MINILAND® Treasure Hunt*

Explore the captivating LEGOLAND® MINILAND and meticulously search for 10 hidden letters to uncover a mysterious code, completing the thrilling mission challenge.

Activity 2: Memory Protector Build Challenge*

Creativity is an indispensable quality for Night Agents. Children must harness your hands and LEGO® expertise to construct your own memory protector, animals and racing cars, shielding precious memories. Snap a photo of your creation and track our social media platforms to finish the challenge.


[1] Upon completing two specified challenges, you can exchange for a LEGO® small gift with the staff.


Activity 3: Limited Activation - Dream Team Bingo

Test your knowledge of the dream world characters by participating in the Bingo activity to assemble your dream team. After the host calls out the character names, be the first to arrange your dream team lineup and claim a coveted LEGO® prize (Limited spots available).

Event 4: Meet a Night Agent

To welcome everyone into the fantastic world of LEGOLAND®, movie characters Z-Blob, Mateo, and Izzie will make sporadic appearances. Seize the opportunity to capture their images and learn the secrets of becoming a hero, gaining the power to complete the mission.



Event 5: 4D Experience - Z-Blob Rescue Rush

In the immersive 4D experience, you can join Mateo and Izzie on a nighttime adventure through captivating dream worlds, harnessing the powerful force of creativity to prevent sweet dreams from turning into nightmares and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Event 6: LEGO® Creative Workshop

Through the workshop, master LEGO® building techniques, find inspiration, and unleash your creative potential to transcend boundaries. Work alongside the expert building team to construct the Z-Blob and become a true LEGO® master.

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