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“Brick Factor” Competition Finals Commence Introducing the Master Model Builder, Embarking on a Dream Career Journey

  • Saturday 16th March 2024
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong
  • NEWS

LDCHK Brick Factor 2024 (6)

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong is committed to providing an interactive and unique learning experience that inspires endless creativity in children through LEGO®. Today, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong held a "Brick Factor Competition." After two intense rounds of competition, Natalie Sing emerged as the sole Master Model Builder in Hong Kong. From now on, she will shoulder the responsibility of promoting LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong and the skills and fun of building with LEGO®, thereby stimulating children's imagination.

"Master Model Builder" is the brand ambassador of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre worldwide. Each "Master Model Builder" around the world is selected through a public competition. Through the "Brick Factor Building Competition," a new Master Model Builder is selected, who will then be responsible to inspire children to create fun and imaginative LEGO® works through various building experiences. The Master Model Builder will also conduct creative workshops at different skill levels, promoting the integration of learning and entertainment. They will promote LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong and spread the joy of building with LEGO® to children.

The "Brick Factor Competition" had a total of 4 contestants. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong specially invited Ivan Zeng, General Manager of LEGO® in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan; Andy Hung, the first LEGO® Certified Professional in the Greater China Region; Gloria Yuen, Financial Director Midway Asia, Merlin Entertainments, and Wade Chang, General Manager of Hong Kong Cluster, Merlin Entertainments, as judges, adding credibility to the competition. In the first round of the competition, with the theme of "Summer Holiday" each contestant showcased their skills by using limited LEGO® bricks to create unique works within a time limit.


In the second round of the competition, with the theme of "Teachers’ Day," the competition also invited children to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong to participate. Through interaction with the children, the contestants were challenged not only in their model-building skills but also in their communication abilities with the children. In addition to the judges' evaluations, each attending kid had the right to vote and support their favourite contestant. Natalie demonstrates a remarkable affinity, earning unanimous praise from children. Her works are not only creative but also showcase exceptional responsiveness in her interactions with children.

After winning the competition, Natalie expressed deep gratitude for the support of the judges and the families present. She stated, "I have been interested in LEGO® since I was young and have collected LEGO® products from different series. Among my personal collection, I have a particular fondness for the exquisite and minimalist LEGO® Bouquet of Roses. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity topromote LEGO®'s building techniques and its wonders. I hope to nurture children's creativity through this job."

Wade Chang, General Manager of Hong Kong Cluster, Merlin Entertainments, considers this competition to be a great success and states, "We are thrilled that Natalie emerged victorious by showcasing her outstanding building techniques and communication skills with kids. In the days ahead, Natalie will continue her exciting journey at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Hong Kong. She will lead the crew of Master Model Builder to explore even more possibilities and bring the endless joy of LEGO® to everyone."