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Hidden Missions for schools and groups

There are hidden missions in each areas for children to complete, come and challenge now! 

*draft an introduction for teachers on how to utilize the missions? 

ADH 2697


*need to take proper visual of spiderman figurine


A tip off saying a superhero spider man is on a mission at MINILAND®. See if you can find him?


*take photo of spiderman location as answer

2X1 Mini Land

MISSION 2 - Clocktower

*need to take clock tower visual

Do you know what time does the clock tower chimes? Anything happen when the clock chimes?

*what is the answer

ADH 2263

MISSION 3 - LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City needs your help to make their city a better place! Enter the LEGO® Friends and help construct the city by following the guiding booklet on the table.


*what is the answer or judging guideline for teachers? 

ADH 3405


*need to take proper visual of the 3 animals

Three LEGO animals have hidden in LEGO® DUPLO® Farm. Let's see where they are! (The animals are shy, please don't move and touch them.)


*take photo of animal's location as answer