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Inspire children with the help of LEGO®!

With millions of LEGO® bricks under one roof, the sky is the limit in LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen. It is the ideal place to let children experience a world of fun, creativity and imagination. Every child knows LEGO®, so they will immediately be familiar with the idea behind LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre: build incredible things and create a story around them.

The attraction offers various interactive activities that match the experiences of children from 3 to 10 years old, as well as many LEGO Build & Play zones. Encourage kids' engineering and design by creating and racing cars on our speed track. Does the car go faster or slower with bigger wheels? Does it go faster if you make it heavier? Build, test and race your own vehicles to see what happens!

Building buildings for the Shake & Shake Zone is physics in action, children use technical insight to make the design work!

Watch how the city changes from day to night in MINILAND®. Discover and discuss how a landscape changes and adapts. How does this affect the city? This is a great way to learn some local geography, be creative, and learn some history.

Heartlake City is the perfect place for children to create their own stories. Use your imagination, the landscape and the characters to bring the story to life.

Go climbing and scrambling in Pirate Island, sneak through the Ninjago® Training Zone and take a ride through a beautiful LEGO city in the Fantasy Express. Visit the 4D cinema and watch fun and exciting LEGO films together.

Daycare organisations can use the School tickets to visit at the cheapest rates. 

Pay attention:
A group must consist of at least 10 people.

Combined visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre & SEA LIFE Scheveningen

Take a dip and discover the underwater world! SEA LIFE Scheveningen combines education with a unique learning environment for an unforgettable day.

A journey of discovery:
Take a journey along the Dutch rivers to the deep oceans through 13 themed spaces. Discover special marine animals such as the Humboldt penguins and the Asian small claw otters. Experience fun interactive elements such as the touch pool, the virtual reality dive station and the scavenger hunt.

A new learning environment:
Learn more about the animals and what they eat during the educational feed presentations. Find out which marine animal is adapting to the changing environment and ecosystems. The free lesson is given by one of the entertainers, inquire about the possibilities when booking.

Pay attention:
A group must consist of at least 10 people.

Be aware:
School trips can be booked on weekdays outside the school holiday period for a minimum of 10 people