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Questions before your visit

When purchasing a ticket, you automatically reserve a time slot. The time slot is your arrival date & time. Booking tickets & time slots is only possible online, not by phone or email. Buy your ticket here. 

If you already have a ticket or an annual pass, you can book your timeslot here.

Click here to enter your promo code.

You must hand in the discount voucher at the cash register, otherwise access may be refused.

As soon as no time is visible in the ticket shop, this means that the whole day is fully booked. Click on another date to see if there is availability on that day.

Yes, there must be at least one child under 12 in the party. Multiple adults with one child are therefore allowed.

Yes. You can change your reservation up to 3 times via our online booking portal. Use your order number (starts with #5...) and your e-mail or the last digits of the ticket ID. You find this info in the confirmation e-mail. 
Click here for the online booking tool. 

On average people visit us for two hours. Your ticket allows you to stay 2,5 hours. This gives you enough time to finish your build and get ready to leave.

Yes you can! We don't have organised birthday parties, but you can book our birthday room for an hour! In this room you can unpack gifts, enjoy a birthday cake (please bring your own) and the birthday child can have its photo taken with our LEGO® Birthday Cake made of LEGO Bricks!

Click here to book our Birthday room. Let us know the name and age of the child, and of course how many people you expect! Don't forget to buy tickets, as they are not included in this booking!

Help & FAQ

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center focuses on families with children aged 2-10 years.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centres are not theme parks but small indoor attractions designed from the perception of a child. They provide a safe and fun environment for families with younger children to have fun together. Many of the designed facilities are therefore not designed or suitable for older children or adults. Such as the gaming areas or some attractions.

To ensure a consistently child-friendly play environment, we do not allow groups of adults, adult couples or adults alone regardless of ethnic background, gender or physical condition, who are not accompanied by a child / children. This policy was created in consultation with our visitors and we believe that we have taken an appropriate and practical position that matches the nature of the attraction and the visitor profile.

Having said that, we are well aware that the popularity of the LEGO® brick cannot be limited and that fans exist of all ages and abilities. That is also the reason that we regularly organize “adults only” events in which certain areas of the center are open, such as MINILAND, and additional activities such as presentations or lessons are organized to compensate for adults not using many parts of the attraction.

As with any policy, there is always a small number of people who will be disappointed. During all the years that we have adopted this policy, we have had a handful of complaints and a few disappointed visitors. The reality is that very few children over the age of 10 want to visit us unless they have younger siblings and the adult fans are happy to visit during one of the adults only nights.

Yes, adults also need to purchase a ticket for the attraction. You can find our different tickets here

You are an adult in most countries in the world from the age of 18 and that is the age that we use. We ask our visitors to consider attending one of the adult evenings when you want to visit us without a child under the age of 12.

Our attraction and LEGO® store are cashless. The following payment methods are accepted:

- Maestro
- Visa
- Mastercard
- V-Pay

It is not possible to pay via Amercan express.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen.

Guide dogs are allowed inside, but we do not recommend it, as there is a danger of suffocation with all the loose LEGO® bricks.

There is space to park buggies in the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen. There is also an elevator.

There are lockers in the attraction, the lockers can be locked by inserting a 1 or 2 euro coin.

Yes! The attraction has a café where sandwiches and snacks can be bought and consumed. Read more about our café here.

There is a LEGO® shop at the exit of the attraction, we sell great memories of your visit and exclusive LEGO items. The store can also be visited without a LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen ticket. Read more about our shop here.

In total, about 3 million LEGO® blocks are used, of which 1 million are processed in MINILAND alone!

On average, a visit to a LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre takes 2 hours. With a ticket you can stay 2,5 hours. You will have enough time to finish your build and get ready to leave.

The attraction features themed LEGO® play zones, a creative LEGO workshop, a build and test area, a themed LEGO “ride” and a 4D cinema.

There are also special rooms for birthday parties and parties, a classroom for a master class from a LEGO Master Model Builder. Of course there is a MINILAND in which the most important and most striking buildings of Scheveningen and The Hague have been reconstructed from LEGO bricks.

View all zones in the attraction here!

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