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Inspiring car designers of the future: LEGO® Racers: Build and Test

Let your creativity take over as you build a LEGO car that is versatile enough to explore the rugged Land Rover Discovery Build Table. Will your LEGO car design be strong and capable enough to make it to the other side?

Use your imagination to build an awesome LEGO car to race down the ramps. Test your car to learn how you can make it go even faster!

Will your car zoom across the finish line first? It might be a close competition between you and your friends! Once you have finished your race and your car has made it across the tough LEGO landscape on the Build Table make sure you have your photo taken on the winner’s podium with the LEGO Racer champion’s cup.

Feel inspired to design the strongest and fastest LEGO cars ever made. There are thousands of bricks waiting for you to make into your very own four-wheeled creation - even parents can get involved too!