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Pirate weeks: July 9th u.i. September 4th

Find the LEGO® treasure

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What can you expect?

Meet the LEGO® pirate:

During the pirate weeks you can make your own LEGO® pirate flag or follow one of the themed workshops where you can build a parrot or pirate ship. Take the pirate treasure hunt through the center and look for the LEGO® treasure. Maybe you will also meet the LEGO® pirate? There is so much to do!

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Find the treasure

How are your pirate skills? Find all the letters that are hidden in the center. If you know how to form the word, you can collect a reward at the LEGO® Café. So grab the treasure map and start searching!


Will you help build a giant LEGO® mosaic? Together we will build a work of art. Everyone can participate. Copy the example and put it on the correct number. Little by little the artwork will take shape. Will you spot the final result?