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  1. Build a LEGO® Easter Float Facebook Prize-winning Game (‘the Game’) is organized by LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong (‘the Organizer’). The Game is only available for Hong Kong residents with registered Facebook accounts (‘the Participants’).

  2. The promotion period for the Game is from launch to 6 April 2023 (23:59 Hong Kong time) (the ‘Promotion Period’ ).

  3. You have read and agreed to be bound by all the Terms and conditions upon participating in the Game.

  4. Each Participant can only participate in the Game during the Promotion Period once. The Participants has to fulfill the followings during the Promotion Period to enter the Game, (i) like and follow LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Hong Kong Facebook page and Instagram @legolanddiscoverycentre_hongkong​, (ii) like the specified Facebook feed​, and (iii) share his/her own LEGO® Easter float build in the comment section and (iv) tag two friends​. Organizer will verify this winning condition with Winners after the Game.

  5. Total of 5 winners will be selected. Prizes include:
    Grand Prize: LEGO®60294 Stunt Show Truck ( Quota: 1)
    2nd Prize: 60360 Spinning Stunt Challenge (Quota: 2)
    3rd Prize: LEGO® 460359 Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge (Quota: 2)

  6. The Organizer will pick 5 of the most creative LEGO® builds who comment publicly to be the Winners (the ‘Winners’ ) after the Promotion Period. There will be a total of 5 winners. Each Winner can receive a selected LEGO® box set (the ‘Prize’ ) . The announcement of the Winners will be made on the Organizer's Facebook page.

  7. The Winners have to reply to the Organizer’s Facebook Inbox message within seven working days, with their Facebook accounts, in order (i)to verify the Winner's eligibility for the Game, (ii) to verify the Winner’s identity and (iii) to arrange for the Prize redemption. Winners are required to provide related screenshots, ticket purchase records and email addresses to verify their eligibilities. If Winners fail to reply within seven working days or redeem the Prize before 30 April 2023, they will be disqualified.

  8. Participants agree to provide Facebook account name, mobile phone number, email address and related information to the organizer once they join the Game.
    The Winners' personal data shall be kept confidential. The personal data will only be used by the Organizer: i) to verify the Winner's eligibility for the Game, (ii) to verify the Winner’s identity and (iii) to arrange for the Prize redemption.

  9. The Prize cannot be exchanged, refunded, transferred, or redeemed for cash.

  10. The Organizer reserves absolute rights on the Participants, the Winners and their eligibility, the Prize and all the date and time of the Game, etc.

  11. Employees and family members of the Organizer will not be eligible to participate in this Promotion.

  12. The Participants are forbite to publish any abusive language, or illegal content related to sex and violence. The Organizer reserves all rights to delete related contents and disqualifies the Participant who violates the above term.

  13. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude a Participant who violates any terms and conditions, tampers with the Game, engages in abusive, deceitful, or fraudulent behaviour in relation to the Game or makes false representations or statements or violates applicable laws or regulations.

  14. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 56370